Other Environmental Themes

The MA Chapter of The Nature Conservancy

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals, and natural communities that represent diversity of life by protecting the lands and water they need to survive. In Massachusetts, the Conservancy is one of the fastest growing conservation organizations. Though the generous support of our 30,000 individual members we have protected nearly 17,000 acres of Massachusetts' most critical natural areas. Our protection and stewardship efforts span the state, from the Berkshires and the Connecticut River Valley to Cape Cod and the Massachusetts Islands.

On Cape Cod and in Plymouth County, the Conservancy is working to protect the globally rare plants dependent upon coastal plain ponds. These rare freshwater wetlands are found primarily in Plymouth County and on Cape Cod, with just a few occurring elsewhere along the Atlantic seaboard. Currently, the volume of water being withdrawn from these ponds is so great that the survival of plants growing around them is in jeopardy. By conducting in-depth bio-hydrological research, the Conservancy is determining what levels of water withdrawal will meet the needs of a burgeoning human population without threatening rare plant communities.

To learn more, please visit our website or contact: Wayne Klockner, State Director The Nature Conservancy, Massachusetts Chapter 205 Portland Street, Suite 400 Boston, MA 02114 Phone: 617-227-7017 Web: www.nature.org/massachusetts