Other Environmental Themes

Conservation Law Foundation

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) works to solve the most significant environmental problems that threaten New England. CLF advocates use of law, economics, and science to create innovative strategies to conserve natural resources, protect public health and promote vital communities in our region. Founded in 1966, CLF is a nonprofit, member-supported organization.

Herring Management and Protection

Atlantic herring is the most important forage species and a critical link in the food chain in the Gulf of Maine ecosystem. Healthy herring populations are vital to long term health of the Gulf of Maine and to the recovery of many depleted species such as the Atlantic cod and the endangered Northern right whale. Unfortunately, current fishing practices are depleting Atlantic herring and putting the health of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and many of New England’s fisheries, eco-tourism businesses and coastal communities at risk. CLF is currently working to ensure that the new herring management plan now moving through the regulatory process sets ecologically appropriate catch limits and controls the use of damaging and indiscriminate modes of fishing gear.

To learn more, please visit our website or contact: Roger Fleming, Senior Attorney Tel: 207-729-7733 Priscilla Brooks, Director of the Ocean Conservation Program Tel: 617-350-0990 Email: PBrooks@clf.org Website: www.clf.org